Friday, 20 October 2017

Saturday. A busy day.Holy Ghost.

I cleaned the church then went into Wadestown for another clean.
I did the lawns too!
Here at the Bible Basher Blog no extra is too much.

I took the dogs to the Hutt. Some people call it the Lower Hutt river but it was named that first.
It was low tide and they ran and played in the sandy mud.
Then ran and played on the reserve.
Evidently it is a bird sanctuary because a few of those big Canadian geese sit on the lawn before flying over to the Wairarapa  and being shot out of the sky by hunters.
My dogs don't give them a second look!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Kentucky not fail.

Today I had two missions. Failure was not an option.
The most important was to secure seats to a soccer match.
Evidently a team is playing the All Whites at the stadium in Wellington and Oliver and his dad want tickets.
We paid a worker extra so I could get home and secure tickets.
I logged on at 11.55 five minutes before they went on sale.
Yes two seats at the south end man and child, $94.
I'm a hero.

Later my wife reminded me she wanted a change.
Kentucky Fried.
I bought a dinner for two $20.

She's happy.

Yee Ha things are in the pink

The New Zealand economy may not be in for a boost but at least the little folk may be looked after!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A busy day an easy day t'is nice to help family.

We've had Oliver's mum helping with the cleaning as the other is in Australia.

It's been nice catching up even though she is the ex she means a lot to us.

The sun shone briefly and the car had warmed after I walked my two dogs from Moera to Petone.
Maybe Curmudgeon needs a dog? A toy poodle cross Shit su and  Beigh jon.
It's cute and is mostly toilet trained.
Not mine of course but an old fellow might find company anywhere.