Wednesday, 16 August 2017

What a day. I want to play not watch a movie!

I've never seen winds whip Wellington harbour so strong. The spray was like a low cloud.
At a clients house the wind was bellowing the carpet up and down!
But now it is calm.
Yesterday I had the chance to walk through Queensgate to the Post Office to licence Sue's car.
JB Hi Fi demanded an inspection. I purchased a game for my Xbox 1 for just $19.
The Xbox 1 has state of the art graphics but I refuse to pay more than $20 for a game. So I wait and watch and snap a bargain.
"Call of Duty: Infinite warfare" looked hopeful. I'd played earlier "Call of Duty" games as I'm sure Peter has on his Play Station.
It's pretty good. Actually amazing value considering all the work the programmers must have put into the coding.

here's a dude walking you through the first hour if you are that bored

My big complaint with modern games is that I want to shoot bad guys not watch a movie!